8 November Dual Dinner
JB Myer - Henderson Hall Officers' Club
Fort Myer, VA 22211, VA
Presentation by Major General Xavier Julián Isaac
Speaker: Maj Gen Xavier Julián Isaac
Major General Xavier Julián Isaac assumed the duties of the Argentine Air Attaché, and the in Washington, DC, in April and the Defense Attaché in December 2016. He is also the Air Attaché to Canada. General Isaac graduated from the Argentine Air Force Academy in 1983. After graduation, General Isaac enrolled in selected courses that enhanced his military performance as well as his professional development. He was assigned to important positions of instructions and leadership in the flight fields; his passion for flying and his highly regarded pilot qualities was enjoyed and appreciated by his superiors and students. In the time prior becoming the Air Attaché to the United States, General Isaac was assigned to positions of Plans, Doctrine and Politics of the Air Force. General Isaac has a bachelor’s degree in Air and Aerospace Systems. He had fourteen overseas assignments, to United States, Brazil, France, Venezuela, Uruguay, Spain, Perú and Bolivia. General Isaac is fluent in English, and enjoys reading and making friends with people from different areas of services and professions.


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