Flight 18 Public Announcements

Announcement from Flight 18 re 15 Sept meeting
Posted by GER SPAULDING 30 Aug 2017

We are honored to announce that our own Col Tim “Conk” Conklin, Vice Commander of COANG’s 140th Wing at Buckley AFB, will be our speaker on 15 Sept and will provide an update on current and projected COANG operations. This meeting will be at the regularly scheduled place (Tin Cup) and time (third Friday of September, start time 1100 for Social Hour). Needless to say, “Conk” is the right man for this job — suave, debonair and fully knowledgeable about the activities of the wing and fighter squadron with which Flight 18 has been closely associated and has supported for many years. You definitely want to be there for this one. WIVES WELCOME. PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR APOLLO RESERVATION ASAP.

Announcement from Flight 18
Posted by GER SPAULDING 22 Aug 2017

Members and Associates of Mile High Flight 18:

We have been forced by unforeseen circumstances to cancel the event with wives and other guests that had been planned for September 9th at Platte Valley Airport. Meanwhile, Cindy Jones is holding our normal third-Friday-of-the-month (15 Sept) open for us at the Tin Cup, which is most likely where and when we’ll meet. Will confirm for all ASAP.