Wed 11:00
Feb Meeting
KofC Hall, Bellevue
My Great South American Air Adventure
Speaker: Paul Hamer
Title: The Great South American Air Adventure Speaker: Paul Hamer Mr. Hamer has been flying since 1988 and has been a QB since 1993. In 1992 he and a former SR-71 pilot, Harlon Hain, flew a Cessna 310R to third place in The First Around the World Air Race, during which they were intercepted by 2 jet fighters over the Baltic Sea. The plane (N92HH) is in the Guiness Book of Records for the fastest refueling (102.7 gallons, 3 minutes 42 seconds wheels down to wheels off. He currently flys a Piper Comanche. The Presentation: On Christmas Eve 1995, The Great South American Air Adventure began when Paul and his friend Kevin Naser left Tekamah, NE intent on reaching the southern tip of South America. The flight was to be in two open biplanes, but it ended up taking 3 airplanes; one that crashed, one that was shot with a rifle and one that was flipped in 80mph+ winds. The talk is highlighted with several slides. Some of the fun included flying the Panama Canal, flying backwards between two peaks of the Andes, being held as military prisoners for two days, mowing a grass runway with the airplane’s prop, having the pilot’s window explode while flying in “severe turbulence”, nearly hitting a pelican off the coast of Columbia, ground speeds as low as 8kts at full throttle, and why Paul was heard to say near the end of the trip, “I’m tired of everyone having guns but us”.