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Vietnam War Commemoration Ceremony
Posted by GREG Curtis 13 Aug 2017

Vietnam War Commemoration Ceremony and program will happen at our normal second Friday of the month September 8th meeting. All spouses are invited, most especially those spouses of a Vietnam veteran. Our normal $25 per person meal fee will be standard for this evening. I would hope that none of our Vietnam veterans (or any other member) will miss this event because they feel this does not apply to them, it does apply indeed!

Another note. We will not be alone. Because this is really a national event, certain local veterans will be invited to attend. I have invited Vietnam veterans from my American Legion Post to attend as well as a group that Barry Watkins is a part of. The Holiday Inn has graciously made additional room for us. Instead of just one meeting room, we will have three connecting rooms to accommodate what we expect will be a large crowd, perhaps 60 to 80 people. With the three rooms the Holiday Inn has given us we could accommodate 114 people.

Ok, the next step is to respond! If we do not know how many (including spouses) will be attending we will be in a bind. Please respond to this letter as soon as possible so that we can adequately plan for this event.

Contacts are:

Chris Nevins – vnav46@comcast.net or(603) 926-3736 leave message if necessary

Greg Curtis – curtisig@fairpoint.net or (207) 627-4148 leave message if necessary