Founders' Flight Business Meeting
Maxwell Club--Daedalian Room
Annual Business Meeting and Officer Elections
We will discuss the scholarship programs, finances, plans for the coming year, and we'll hold officer elections.


We had 13 in attendance for the annual business meeting. The Provost Marshal, Col (ret) Rich Giordano, inducted two new members: Lt Col (ret) Peter Brambir (navigator) and Lt Col Ryan Mihata (flight surgeon). We covered the info items from the agenda: - Convention Report (national scholarship statistics and national member demographics) - Upcoming Events (28 May Remembrance ceremony, 1 Jun Gathering of Eagles breakfast meeting) - Treasurer Report (presented 2017-18 budget proposal, emphasized delinquent flight dues) - Scholarship Reports (JROTC, ROTC, CFIP) Founders' Flight approved the following actions, each by unanimous vote: 1. Award 2017-18 CFIP scholarship to Cadet Johnny Montgomery, Stanhope-Elmore HS 2. Adopt 2017-18 Budget as proposed by the Treasurer 3. Adopt 2017-18 Calendar as presented in the Agenda (below) 4. Elect the following 2017-18 slate of officers: Flight Captain - Col (ret) Mark Brown Vice Flight Captain - Lt Gen (ret) Al Peck Treasurer - Col (ret) JC Carter Provost Marshal - Col (Ret) Rich Giordano Other business: - Farewelled Maj Mark Nexon, ACSC student, PCSing Jun 2017 - Thanked the Treasurer for all his work with finances/budget - As proposed by Col Paul Nelson, -- Agreed to consider appointment of Maj Matt Humphrey (prospective member) as Flight Adjutant -- Agreed to consider appointment of Capt Teresa Micotto and Capt Solomon Saul (new members) as meeting coordinator or other appointed positions - Appointed Maj (ret) Ed Hails as Flight Chaplain //SIGNED//mb/18 May 2017 Col (ret) Mark Brown Flight Captain *********AGENDA********** Founders’ Flight Order of Daedalians 18 May 2017 Officers Call Call To Order Invocation Pledge of Allegiance Toasts Lunch Business Meeting Information Items - Convention Report - 28 May/1800 Memorial Service at Trinity Presbyterian Church - GOE Breakfast 1 Jun/0700 at Maxwell Club - Treasurer’s Report - JROTC, Scholarship/CFIP Reports Action Items - Nominations and Election of 2017-18 Officers - Adoption of 2017-18 Calendar - Adoption of 2017-18 Budget Induction of New Members Adjourn Proposed 2017-18 Calendar Jul 2017 no meeting Aug 2017 Welcome for new AWC and ACSC Students Sep 2017 Co-host Battle of Britain Commemoration with RAF 18 Oct 2017 Lunch Meeting with speaker 9 Nov 2017 Dinner Meeting honoring scholarship recipients 7 Dec 2017 Holiday Mixer at AviatorBar 17 Jan 2018 Lunch Meeting with speaker Feb 2018 no meeting 14 Mar 2018 Lunch Meeting with speaker 18 Apr 2018 Lunch Meeting with speaker 17 May 2018 Annual business meeting with officers election Jun 2018 Gathering of Eagles breakfast meeting