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Latest Daedalian Flight News
Stinsons Flight Application
The application for Stinsons Flight can be downloaded here: Application

Announcement from Sierra Flight 27
April 20th Luncheon 11:00 AM Guest Speaker : Grant Pyle III Brig. Gen ANG ( ret. )
Announcement from Flight 4 Daedalians National Scholarship Golf Tournament 6 April 2017
Sign up either via the Daedalians Apollo Web Site, or with your registration for National Convention, or contact Dick Guild at reguild@gm...
Announcement from GSF 53
"An American Solo" a life story documentary featuring our own Col Norm Phillips USAF (ret) will premiere on 2 April at 1500 at 3S Artspac...
Announcement from Flight 102
Reminder -- today is "MAIL DROP" day for your card to Punchy. If you have not already sealed the envelope, you can put a Get Well me...