Why should you use Apollo to manage your Flight?

Here are just some of the things Apollo can do for your flight:

  • Provide a public web site with zero web programming knowledge or hosting - just add content
  • Manage your Flight membership list using the National Order's database
  • Publish and email newsletters, announcements, events and news
  • Search your local flight area for Daedalians you can recruit into the flight
  • Instantly generate membership statistics for Quarterly Reports
  • Manage flight dues and send dues notices via email
  • Manage your monthly meetings - invitations via email, one-click RSVPs and meal selections
  • Give your members private forums to exchange information and share ideas

How easy is it to get our Flight online?

In a word: easy! You don't have to enter your Flight's information by hand.

  • Leverage the power of the National Order's database to quickly gather your Flight members
  • Easily import additional emails or phone numbers for your Flight members
  • Your flight members are automatically invited to create Apollo logins!

Can we use Apollo if we already have a public web site?

Absolutely! Every Daedalians flight can use the flight management features of Apollo, and it's dead simple to link your existing public web site to Apollo. You'll probably find that the features and ease of use of Apollo make maintaining an "old-style" web site more pain than it's worth, though.

What's it cost?

Nothing, it's free! Apollo for Flight Management is provided free of charge to local Flights by the National Order of Daeadalians to help manage and grow the local Flights.

How does our Flight sign-up?

You need to login or create an Apollo account as a Flight Officer in order to activate Apollo for your Flight.