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Aviation and Airmanship awards recognize pilots and other aircrew for outstanding performance during combat and peacetime flight operations.
Best of the Best
Presented to a pilot in each aircraft type assigned to MacDill AFB and USCG Air Station Clearwater. Pilots are selected by their respective commands and awarded their plaque at a luncheon/meeting hosted by their base. The Coast Guard presentation is done at our April luncheon and the Air Force is made at our June meeting.

2014 Award Recipient

Lcdr moore
LCDR Alexander J. Moore, CGAS Clearwater, Pilot
Award presented on 21 April 2015. Lieutenant Commander Moore exemplified exceptional knowledge and aviation expertise. He served as a key member to AIRSTA Clearwater's Flight Evaluation Board and as one of three of the Air Station's only C-130 Flight Examiners. He directly contributed to 10 pilot upgrades and flew 60 hours of instruction and examination sorties. While serving as Safety Department Head, Lieutenant Commander Moore was responsible for all air and ground safety at Air Station Clearwater. He coordinated and provided bimonthly Crew Resource Management training, organized superb safety stand-downs and stand-ups, enforced safety programs and ensured best practices in safety for the entire Air Station. His safety leadership and focus helped ensure our aircrews were safely positioned and trained to execute over 10,700 sortie hours, including 336 SAR cases with more than 294 lives saved or assisted, 1279 migrants interdicted, and 480,000 pounds of drugs seized.
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