Regularly Scheduled Meetings

Calendar 3021ee53eb8c5518bc6baee9c6f8259d720dd4fd7e67c7202265d077038f350b 39th Staff Meeting
1st Wed of month
11:00 at RAFB Golf Club
Calendar 3021ee53eb8c5518bc6baee9c6f8259d720dd4fd7e67c7202265d077038f350b Flight 39 Monthly Meeting
3rd Wed of month
12:00 at RAFB Horizons Club
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Welcome to Eagle Flight # 39!

The objectives of this Flight shall be to further the objectives of the Order of Daedalians as set forth in official publications of the National Order and to foster good fellowship among military aviators through membership and participation in Flight activities.

Flag red 5804818c614ec1e9cdf256e6aab3602b63b57d7a03609f71c56f709b48003014 Announcement from Flt 39 --SPECIAL AWARD
Posted by: Bob Komlo
Daedalian Distinguished Flight Award To: Flight 39, On 11 April 2018, the Daedalians Awards Committee met at the National Headquarters to select the Distinguished Flights for calendar year 2017. ...