Happy New Year 2018
The Cypress Inn
Conway, SC
Colonel Craig Wirth, USMC is the Dir of Ops at 2d Marine Aircraft Wing (Harriers) in NC. His previous assignment was at the pentagon as an aide to the Joints Chiefs.


Twenty members and three guests were hosted by Hugh Archers at The Cypress Inn Bed & Breakfast, Conway, SC. Our guest were Chuck Berge, crop duster and guest of Bruce Gerrity; Terry Howard, guest of Hugh Archer and out guest speaker Col Craig Wirth, USMC. Mike Marlowe, outgoing Flight Captain, conducted our meeting. Toasts were offered to honor the President, the Chiefs of Staff and to our departed brother, General Robert H. Reed, who passed away 24 Dec 17. An outstanding meal was catered by Allison of "MF Scratch" The Flight membership has elected to support an Academic Scholarship Program by providing a $100 annual donation from our Flight's General Fund. Additionally, each member will contribute $25 for this program concurrent with, and in addition to, their annual $35 Flight dues. Hugh Archer, Howard Barnard and "Pete" Winters have each donated an additional $100; Bruce Lake has donated an additional $50; and Ken Albright has donated an additional $5 to the Flight 77 Academic Scholarship Fund all in honor of General Robert H. Reed. The Elliott White Springs Academic Scholarship is currently funded at $980.00. Our guest speaker Col Craig Wirth, USMC, provided us with an outstanding update on the current status of Marine Forces, world wide, including current operations and status of our forces.