American Legion Post 160
Smyrna, GA
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Back on schedule, we are planning to have two ROTC cadets attend our luncheon to receive they scholarship awards from you. That’s right – from you..! Your donation to the scholarship fund is what makes this happen. Being able to meet, shake hands, and talk to these outstanding young future officers is a pretty special event. We do that for you. So, please clear your calendar for 20 FEB. As I type this, you best clear 20 and 21 FEB. Scholarship Chairman Brad Wright is hinting that the cadets might not be able to show on a Tuesday. Stand by for confirmation. Regardless, you need to come enjoy this luncheon. The Boss is also asking for a couple of you to take the mic and talk a bit about what it what like for you during your UPT days. Can you remember that far back? Sure you can. In fact, the only things you can remember are exactly those things we, and especially two young cadets headed to UPT, would love to hear. Let Joe Redden or any Flight Officer know you are willing to do this for your Flight…, and for the cadets. See you there.


It’s sad to think you might be reading this because you didn’t attend the meeting and are curious about what you missed. Especially this meeting…! It’s even sadder that Flight members who make contributions to the Flight scholarship fund could not have been at this meeting. Not only to witness your Flight Captain presenting scholarship $$$ to two outstanding young men headed off to be military aviators, but to actually have had the opportunity to chat and somewhat get to know these future pilots. As we get older, we should jump at the opportunity to visit with those “kids”… kids so many years younger than we are, who are about to step off into that military aviation career you once started. It’s hard to put words that would a). Describe the neat feeling one had being around these kids, and b). To guilt you into making a better effort to attend Flight meetings. But… I’m trying. [Reminder – Flight meetings are the third Tuesday of every even month.] General Joe started the meeting with standard pledge of allegiance to our Flag, beautiful invocation by “Boots” Hill, followed with standard toast. As usual, there were several guests (and future members…) introduced. Next, it was time to eat. BTW – the meals seem to be getting better and better each meeting. Plus, the wine seems to be getting cheaper and cheaper – as the Flight lunch meeting prices have not changed in 100 years. After the meal and before The World’s Greatest Raffle Chairman – Clint Johnson, “did his thing”, Awards & Decs Chairman Dale “Boots” Hill gave an outstanding presentation promoting the Flight’s participation in the Daedalian JrROTC Award program…, a program second to none in the entire Daedalian organization. If you were not motivated to sign-up and represent the Daedalians as a JrROTC award ceremony, then you simply are not motivate-able…! As usual, Clint raised over $300 dollars towards the scholarship fund. After the raffle, “Senator” Rial gave a “Where They Are Now” presentation, informing Flight members on where all the previous Flight scholarship recipients are these days. Flight members really appreciated and enjoyed hearing about the young kids who actually received Flight (and Daedalian Foundation) dollars to help defer their college expenses before they stepped into the “real” fraternity of military aviators. Of note, every Flight scholarship recipient who has completed pilot training and aircraft transition training, since the first recipient 10 years ago, has been on at least two “down-range” (middle-East) deployments. Amazing! The highlight of the meeting, of course, was witnessing “General Joe” present Georgia Tech USAF ROTC cadets Alex Hogan and Ryan Morse their $3,250 dollar scholarships…., EACH…! These amazing cadet’s resume would make you proud – both above a 3.55 GPA in Aero Engineering. Plus, both were very active in leadership activities, both on and off campus. Both Ryan and Alex are headed to Sheppard AFB, TX for UPT. Stand by for the next “Where They Are Now” presentation. If this fabulously written synopsis does not motivate you to attend the next meeting, then email your Flight “Publicity Chairman” and tell him what’s missing. Note: You can find out who the “Publicity Chairman” is by clicking on “Current Officers”. Then, go to the “MEMBERS” tab and look him up.
Img 6039
Cadet Ryan Morse & "General Joe"
Img 6044
Cadet Alex Hogan & "General Joe"
Img 6026
Gary - The World's Greatest Adjutant
Img 6032
"Boots" - The World's Greatest Awards & Decs Chairman
Img 6037
Clint - The World's Greatest Raffle Chairman
Img 6031
Flight Members getting to know a Flight scholarship recipient Ryan Morse
Even more
Flight members getting to know Flight scholarship recipient Cadet Alex Hogan
Img 6012
Img 6050
"General Joe", cadets Hogan and Morse, AFROTC Det/CC LtCol Silvia
Img 6027
Potential Fire Marshalls..., preparing to break the glass?
Img 6030
Is Fred saying Grace or asleep?
Img 6035
Wally, another happy raffle winner..., and an obvious scholarship contributor...!
Img 0891
"Where They Are Now" update.