American Legion Post 160
Smyrna, GA
Brad's cousin
This meeting promises to be one of the most fun events we've had. The plan is for each table to decide who has the best story to tell. Once the Boss selects the table, that person will tell his/her story. In addition to those selected by their table mates, we'll go around the room hearing flying stories, funny or serious, from as many folks as we have time to hear. So, start thinking back to your military flying days. There's bound to be a time you landed on the wrong runway, or dropped on the wrong drop zone, or got lost, or rejoined on the wrong flight member, or......... ???


As promised.., this meeting was simply fun. After "Juice" orchestrated the group to their seats in typical USMC style, the Boss tapped "Boots" for the invocation and "Mallard" for the Pledge of Allegiance to the beautiful flag. Immediately into the "Clint Raffle Show", the Flight Raffle Chairman, who came to the meeting just to conduct the raffle, then had to depart back to his job. Clint and the nearly 50 members and guest, made their contributions to the scholarship fund by purchasing $420 of raffle tickets. AWESOME..., and a smart salute to Clint for his dedication to the Flight. As outlined by "General Joe", the directed R.O.E. had each table sharing "hangar stories" with each other. After the meal, "General Joe" called on each table to select their "top 2". Those folks then went to the microphone and told their stories. Not only did all enjoy many great stories at their table, the entire group heard the highlights. Everything from being the pilot who closed the Wright Patterson AFB runway due to blown tires (ask "Juice" where the anti-skid switch on the Harrier is located), to hearing Pat talk about a C-123 cross-country with so many parts breaking that one was amazed to hear the plane actually made it to the designated destination. Sam Holoviak told an interesting 'small-world' story coming to light through Ancestry.com. The story was about his Dad causing the B-47 Captain and navigator to become lost as a result of Sam's Dad cleaning his gun in flight. (You should have been there!). Park Waldrop's stories about getting the first group of female pilots through USAF T-41 training were worth publishing! There was much laughter from Ralph Bell's story about flying his helicopter in an at-sea rescue of a South Vietnamese pilot and the Boss had everyone in laughter finishing the hangar-stories by telling what it was like witnessing his A-7 fight member depart flight and literally tumble the jet during a DACT flight with the Aggressors. Talking about an effective "last-ditch maneuver"...!!! So much laughter; so many neat stories; what great camaraderie. Feedback from Flight members indicates this will not be the last time this format will be used for a meeting. Start making notes as you reminisce your flying career.
General Joe running the show
Juice telling us how to prevent an SR-71 from doing an arrival show and being the center piece for the SR-71's fini-flight at Wright Patterson AFB.
Park Waldrop explaining what it was like to get the first group of female Air Force pilots through basic (C172) flight training.
Ralph Bell telling humorous stories about his helo days.
Hanging on every word from this man's mouth, Pat Epps entertained us all with his C-123 story.
Sam Holoviak telling a "you won't believe this" story on his Dad.