February Meeting
American Legion Post 160
Smyrna, GA
Annual Scholarship Award Presentation
Come witness the rewards of your scholarship donation dollars and enjoy a great meeting with your fellow Daedalians.


Fantastic meeting..! Nearly 50 members and guests. Vice Flight Captain David Jones ran the show. Tom Prior was nailed by 'acting Provost Marshall" Bill Rial to tell an aviation-related story. He nailed it -- telling everyone how he aged 10 years in just 10 seconds when he thought a Russian Bear intercepted his RC jet, only to shoot it down with a big cannon. Turns out, it was just a big camera. Clint Johnson did his usual fantastic job with the raffle. Feeling a bit under the weather and hardly able to talk, Clint managed to man the sign-in table taking raffle sales, work the floor distributing to raffle winners, all the while raising $390 for the Flight Scholarship Fund. Speaking of scholarship, today's main purpose was to award GaTech cadet Chloe Thomas with a $4500 scholarship. That's the largest single scholarship given of the 22 scholarships presented by this Flight. Counting National's dollars thought the matching scholarship program, the Ben T Epps Flight has awarded over $38,000 in scholarships to 22 college ROTC cadets. Dang good show..!!!