Welcome to Golden Gate Flight # 5!

The Order of Daedalians, Golden Gate Flight 5 was originally chartered as the San Francisco Flight on 2 Dec 1955. This flight was established for members residing in the San Francisco Bay Area and nearby communities. Until 1969, Flight 5 lacked an official headquarters and utilized the Presidio of San Francisco postal address for its HQ and represented the Order of the Daedalians in most of the western states including Alaska and Hawaii. Flight 5 later encouraged and supported the formation of new units in the Los Angeles area (Flight 7), the San Diego Area (Flight 13), and Alaska (Polar Flight 10 in Anchorage, and Farthest North Flight 21 in Fairbanks). In February of 1969 Flight 5 found a new home at Hamilton Air Force Base with the help of the former base commander and Flight 5 member Col Charles L. Praul. At this time the roster was made up of only 400 men, half of whom resided in Northern California (Daily Independent Journal, 1969) . Records seem to be scarce for Flight 5 from 1956 to 1990 and sometime in this period, the name was changed to Galaxy Flight. In the third quarter of 1997, members of Flight 5 voted to change the name back to Golden Gate Flight 5 (James Kellogg, 2016) and the flight now resides at Travis Air Force Base still serving members throughout Northern California.

The following links will showcase the history of Hamilton Air Force Base and Travis Air Force Base:


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