March Monthly Meeting
Delta Breeze Club
Travis AFB, CA
Cdr pinkney
WAS there! Did that!!!
Speaker: Commander Timothy Pinkney
Saigon fell April 30, 1975 ending the 18-year Vietnam conflict. 42 years later, this month’s speaker will tell us about being on the aircraft carrier, U.S.S. Enterprise (CVN-65) and the craziness of rescuing nearly 7,000 ‘boat people’ evacuees who risked their lives to avoid living under communism. Commander Tim Pinkney, USN (ret.) was a Lieutenant Junior Grade (0-2) at the time flying the Navy’s super sophisticated airborne electronic countermeasures jamming aircraft, the EA-6B Prowler. The Prowler is a four person, tactical jet that conducts all weather, carrier based electronic warfare missions able to detect, analyze and jam enemy radars and communications. The EA-6B is the premiere tactical electronic warfare platform in the world. In addition to telling “his story” about the evacuation, Cdr. Pinkney will provide an overview of carrier operations and all the ‘moving parts’ going into landing on a runway moving away from you at 35 knots, while at the same time, is constantly drifting starboard (right). Pinkney retired in 1990 after serving as Commanding Officer of Electronic Warfare Squadron Three Zero Nine (VAQ-309).


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