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Captain Matthew W. Portz JROTC Grant Program
7th Flight has established an annual $300 grant program for JROTC units seeking assistance with their military programs. It is suggested that the Cadet Flt Commander, (overseen by the OIC of the unit) write the letter requesting our 7th Flight Grant. Any JROTC unit within the area is eligible to request a grant. The Board of Directors will evaluate the needs of all units seeking assistance and will act on such requests as annual funding allows. In 1998 the late Captain Matthew H. Portz, USNR (Ret.), past Flight Captain of 7th Flight (Harold L. George) Daedalians, suggested that 7th Flight (Harold George) establish an annual program to provide monetary grants to deserving Junior ROTC Units in the Los Angeles area based on a need stated by the Unit Commanders. This program has been in effect since that time. Captain Portz was very influential within the Flight and highly respected by its members. He is particularly remembered for his work as Chair of the Scholarship Committee and as the Editor of the Flight newsletter, The Intercom. For his devotion to the Tenants of the Order of Daedalians, “to place Nation above self,” and his exemplary service to the Flight, 7th Flight is proud to honor his memory by a continuing commitment to the Junior ROTC Grants. As of 2015, 7th Flight Dadialian has awarded over 80 such grants to area JROTC units.
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