NGC F-35 Center Fuselage Production Line T...
NGC Site 4
Palmdale, CA
F 35 tour
See How the F-35 is made with Mr. Andy Reynolds, Production Lead
Agenda: 1300 Badging at Bldg. 405/Transition to 499T CR (Walk) - Escort by L. Weaver / K. Kinsey 1315 Welcome/F-35 and Site Overview (499T CR – A. Reynolds) (if required) 1345 Group Photo (Bldg. 401 North Lobby) – A. Radecki 1350 F-35 IAL Tour – Tour Guide A. Reynolds 1500 Depart UPDATE: Remember that 21 Feb is the FINAL day to sign up and don't forget to send Dudley the info he needs to get you on the facility. Not everyday we get briefed by a senior VP so don't miss it! K-Bob sends.


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