Thu 07:00
Location: Club Ironwood
Speaker: TBD TBD TBD
1130 Check-in, 1200 Opening Remarks, Intel Briefing, Toasts, Speaker, Questions

Regularly Scheduled Meetings

Calendar 3021ee53eb8c5518bc6baee9c6f8259d720dd4fd7e67c7202265d077038f350b Flight Luncheon
21 Sept 2017
1200 at Club Ironwood
Calendar 3021ee53eb8c5518bc6baee9c6f8259d720dd4fd7e67c7202265d077038f350b Old Pueblo 12 Monthly Meeting
3rd Thursday of the Month
11:30 Taxi, 12:00 Takeoff, 1:30 Landing at Club Ironwood
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Welcome to Old Pueblo Flt 12 Flight # 12!