Fighter Flight Dinner Meeting
Nellis Club
Las Vegas, NV
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RSVP Requested: Order of Daedalians - Fighter Flight Dinner Meeting
Speaker: Ron "Shadow" Butts
Sorry to bother you: However, we've not received an RSVP back or we've not updated our records to confirm whether or not you'll attend our event this evening. So we'll assume you are either not attending OR you've not received any of our invitations in your email of record (and you are now NORDO -- which is lost communications in flying lingo). If you're not NORDO and do receive this, please email IZZY, our Fighter Flight Membership Dude, at: IZZYinLV@Gmail.com (so he knows your at least receiving our emails and not NORDO). Added on 01/25/2018 _____________________________________________________________________ Please confirm your intentions; as our RSVP deadline is 01/24/2018 at noon (less than 15 hrs from now).___ Contact IZZY at 702.816.1505 beforehand. You may call or text. ________ The social hour starts at: 5:00PM, followed by 6:00PM welcoming remarks, dinner & guest speaker Ron 'Shadow' Butts - an accomplished pilot with over 25,000 hrs of flying time; in a variety of so many aircraft, we're not going to even try to list them. However, he flew for a former airline named 'Air America' and promised to share a few anecdotes about his days flying with Billy Covington and Jack Neely. Please RSVP (including first & last names of guests) via the Apollo web portal to this email. For more details, please contact: Mark Evan Israelitt (aka: “IZZY”) at email: IZZYinLV@gmail.com or call/text Mobile: 702.816.1505 (but understand IZZY is not always able to immediately answer his phone; so email is preferable). Kindly include "Daedalians' in the subject line of your email, so IZZY might quickly find it when he makes daily updates to the RSVP List. (Once you RSVP: You won't receive multiple invites to this event.) PS: Save the dates on your calendar for upcoming flight events on: February 22d, March 22d & April 26th


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