Fighter Flight Dinner Meeting
Nellis Club
Las Vegas, NV
Daedalians image
Order of Daedalians - Fighter Flight Dinner Meeting
Speaker: Lt Col Don R Emigholz
Just a gentle reminder: The club is now requiring our official meal count numbers today. And you are 1 of a handful of remaining Daedalian Flight #62 members who have not yet advised us of your intent to join us for dinner this Thursday evening. ___ Would you kindly respond back (RSVP) one way or another, before 2pm today?__ __ Our Thursday, February 22, 2018 program follows: _ 5:00PM. Social hour (bar opens at 4:45); followed by 6:00PM welcoming remarks, dinner & guest speaker; __then raffle prizes will be shared. __ Members are normally welcome to bring guests (so long as RSVP's are provided in advance, to include first & last names of each guest). __ If you have difficulty responding to this email via the Apollo web portal, just forward this email or send a separate email with the subject line 'DAEDALIANS RSVP' to IZZYinLV@gmail.com. (You might also text him at 702.816.1505) Don't forget to include the first & last names of all RSVP attendees (including yourself) in your email, to: IZZYinLV@gmail.com _____ IZZY normally responds back within a day or two of receiving your email - with a confirmation email (to all RSVP's forwarded via email, including all regrets for those who will not attend). ___ Again: Kindly respond back either way (so we know you have not gone NORDO).


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