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Flight 9 July Dinner Reservation Reminder
Posted by MEL GILLESPIE 09 Jul 2019

Two reminders:

1. Reservations for our July function, a pig roast at Bass Lake, need to be made by noon on 12 July. Please email, phone or use the Apollo system to pass along your reservation.

2. The dinner is on Tuesday, 19 July 2019 with social hour beginning at 6:00 pm.

Look forward to seeing you.


937 426-4010 H
937 396-9238 C

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Correct Date is Tuesday 16 July for Pig Roast
Posted by MEL GILLESPIE 09 Jul 2019

Dang computer! The correct date for the Daedalian Dinner is Tuesday, 16 July 2019.

Reconfirming, it’s 16 July, which is the third Tuesday of July.

Announcement from Flight 9 - Reservation Reminder
Posted by MEL GILLESPIE 11 Apr 2019

Please remember to make your reservation for the April Dinner on 16 April 2019. Looking forward to a good meal, great fellowship, and special recognition to our members who will be 90 years young and those with even more experience. Barnie Landry, one of our 90 pluses, has a really wonderful presentation.
Please call, e-mail, or use the Apollo Daedalians site for your reservation by noon on Friday, April 12, 2019.

Look forward to seeing you—spouses and friends are also invited.

Mel Gillespie