Flight 16 Public Announcements

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Announcement from Flight 16
Posted by Jim MALONEY 22 Mar 2018

Flight #16 Members,
At our March Meeting we will present an opportunity for an F-35 private tour for Daedalians at Edwards AFB on May 16, 2018.
“…The Daedalians have been presented with a rare opportunity… a tour of the F-35 Lighting II. The Daedalians have been picked as the only group to receive an invitation to this event. Each flight can nominate up to three people to attend so this will be a first come, first serve invitation. The names of those who would like to attend need to be submitted to me so I can send them in for clearance at Edwards AFB. Travel cost is not covered however this is a rare opportunity and I hope each flight will relay this to your members If you have any questions, please let me know. I will give the list to Edwards AFB officials on 23 April.
Maureen (Daedalian HQ)
I’m unable to attach the Flyer in this notice, however, we will have copies of the flyer at the meeting . If you won’t be at the meeting OR just would like to see the flyer prior to the meeting…. email your request to me and I’ll email it to you separately.. jim@maloney.com