Regularly Scheduled Meetings

Calendar 3021ee53eb8c5518bc6baee9c6f8259d720dd4fd7e67c7202265d077038f350b Christmas Social
A Friday in December (varies)
1700-1900 typically at Parr O'Club Daedalian Room
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Last Tues of month (no mtgs: Feb, Jul, Nov; Dec is Christmas Social)
1800-2100 at Parr Club on Randolph AFB (location varies)
Calendar 3021ee53eb8c5518bc6baee9c6f8259d720dd4fd7e67c7202265d077038f350b Foulois Memorial
March 2nd
Varies at Ft Sam Houston
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Tuesday, October 23, 2018
1130-1230 at Parr O'Club
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Welcome to Stinsons Flight # 2!

We are named in honor of the four Flying Stinsons, Katherine, Eddie, Margaret and Jack, all pioneer flyers who were nationally famous before and during WWI.

The Flight normally meets the last Tuesday of every month except July and November. We also honor Lt Benjamin Foulois each March. He made the first all-military flight in 1910 at Fort Sam Houston. Finally we honor our Founders and the Wright Bros each December at Stinson Municipal Airport, the second oldest airport in the country.

Daedalians Local Programs
The Stinsons Flight provides college scholarships to potential military aviators. The Flight also recognizes top talent in local military aviation with the annual Crane and Eubank Awards. Jointly with the Daedalian Foundation, the Flight also conducts a Cadet Flight Indoctrination Program (CFIP) which endeavors to solo high school students who demonstrate an interest in military aviation careers.

The Stinsons Flight maintains a memorial at Stinson Airport and conducts ceremonies there each December to honor the Stinsons, the Founding Members of the Order of Daedalians, and the first flight by the Wright Brothers in 1903. The Flight also commemorates the 1910 flights of First Lieutenant Benjamin Foulois at Fort Sam Houston’s Macarthur Field in an annual ceremony on or about 2 March each year.

History of the Stinsons Flight
The Flight is named for the four Flying Stinsons who played an important role in aviation history in San Antonio before and during World War I. Katherine, Eddie, Marjorie and Jack are all enshrined in the Texas Aviation Hall of Fame. The Stinsons Flight was chartered in 1964 by Colonel Carl Crane, USAF (Retired), and a group of Founder Members. Col Crane was the first in a long line of Flight Captains of Stinsons Flight, and it has grown to become the largest in the Order of Daedalians with 400+ members.

To join Stinsons Flight, please see fill out the application here: Stinsons Flight Application. Membership to join the Stinsons Chapter is $20 per year. Please make your check payable to “Stinsons Flight #2” and mail the application and check to Stinsons Flight #2; P.O. Box 121, Randolph AFB TX 78148. The first year only please add $5 for incoming processing.


35 and under 395
36 – 40 370
41 – 45 350
46 – 50 330
51 – 55 300
56 – 60 265
61 – 65 230
66 – 70 190
71 – 75 155
76 – 80 130
81 and over 110

Stinsons Flight Life Memberships may be obtained only by Life Members of the Order of Daedalians. They may be purchased on the installment plan by an initial payment of $30 with balance due within one year. Flight Life memberships are irrevocable.

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Posted by: Kidd Bliss
The application for Stinsons Flight can be downloaded here... "Application":