September Meeting
Parr Officers Club
JBSA-Randolph, TX
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Good evening Vietnam!
Speaker: Lt Col John L. Larrison
Our own John Larrison will be giving a presentation on his experiences on his tour in Special Operations in Vietnam for that segment of Air Operations in 1964-65 to all our members but especially those that are younger than membership of the Vietnam Era.<p><p> John graduated in Aeronautical Engineering from Purdue Univ. in 1957 with also a private pilot's license and a commission in the Air Force; While awaiting report in time to the Air Force/UPT, he worked for Boeing as a Flight Text Engineer on B-52s. After graduating from pilot training he was assigned as a first assignment IP at Vance AFB. In 1964, he received orders for Vietnam with the 602nd Air Commando Squadron at Bien Hoa AB. On that tour he flew 225 combat sorties earning 9 Air Medals and 1 DFC. <p><p> On return stateside, he flew F-102s at Perrin AFB, TX followed by an Exchange Officer with the Canadian Forces flying F-101Bs at Comox CFB in British Columbia. Then back into ATC at the time as a T-38 Flight Commander at Laughlin AFB and then OIC of the Functional Flight Check/FCF Section on both T-37&T-38. Then he was tapped for a second tour in Vietnam as a Maintenance Advisor to the Vietnamese Air Force. The assignment was overridden by assignment for field grade maintenance officer in Korea to a F-4D Wing at Kunsan. Since a 13 month tour, was not allowed check-out in the F-4; he was reassigned on return to training command as head aircraft maintenance inspector of the LG Division of the command IG Team, highlighted by acquisition of T-37/38 flight simulators. In 1979 he retired with 22 years service and Command Pilot with over 4,500 hours of flight time. <p><p> Following Air Force retirement, has worked with several aerospace companies as a Senior Logistics Mgr. Still flying his own RV-8 (experimental /homebuilt) aircraft out of Heritage Airpark, at New Berlin TX. Of more recent times, he is the immediate past Treasurer of Stinsons Flight.


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