Annual Foulois Ceremony
MacArthur Parade Field (Foulois Memorial on Ft Sam
JBSA-Ft Sam Houston, TX
Benjamin foulois 1
Annual Celebration for the first Military Aircraft Flight!
Speaker: Colonel Peter Velesky
We will meet at the very parade field where the first military flight took place in 1910. The first Army aircraft made its first flight at Fort Sam Houston with Lt. Benjamin Foulois at the controls. Foulois piloted the Army's first aircraft, Signal Corps Aircraft No. 1, with his first flight lasting only 7 1/2 minutes. He made three more flights that day and on his fourth attempt, the young pilot ended up crashing the airplane. The most powerful airpower force in that world was born that day, with that pilot and the crew who supported that one aircraft. Our speaker is Colonel Peter Velesky, USA, who is currently the Deputy Commander for Joint Base San Antonio and the Vice Commander of the 502d Air Base Wing Vice Commander, and a career Army Aviator.


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