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Daedalian JROTC Achievement Award

Stinsons Flight sponsors the Order of Daedalians Junior ROTC Award to Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps JROTC units at a large number of San Antonio and South Texas high schools. The recipients are outstanding second or third year cadets who have demonstrated patriotism, love of country and service to our nation and have indicated the potential and desire to pursue a military career.

Only high school JROTC units in the SOUTH TEXAS area around San Antonio may request the Daedalian JROTC Achievement medal through Stinsons Flight by e-mailing the flight’s JROTC liaison officer, Col Ed Sheeran, USAF Ret, at

JROTC units elsewhere should contact a nearby Daedalian flight or order directly from the manufacturer GRACO Awards, at P. O. Box 27, Tomball, TX 77377-0027, phone 800-421-0227, or visit their web site at Neither the Order of Daedalians nor the Daedalian Foundation provide the JROTC medals from the headquarters.

There are no current JROTC award recipients to display.