Flight 53 Public Announcements

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Announcement from Flight 53
Posted by GREG Curtis 04 Feb 2018

An American Solo is our feature documentary profiling the remarkable life of the most interesting person we know, 96 year old Seacoast resident Col. Norm Phillips (USAF, ret.). The film premiered last April in Portsmouth at a successful benefit which raised nearly $14,000 for Veterans Count, the arm of Easter Seals NH that provides support to veterans and active duty personnel in need. We wish to thank all of those who sponsored and attended that event.

Since then An American Solo has been officially selected for several film festivals including the World War Two International Festival in Normandy, France, and the New Hampshire Film Festival here in Portsmouth. Several people who were unable to see the Portsmouth screenings of the film have inquired if a DVD is available. Others who have seen the film locally said they would like to send a DVD to friends or family.

We are pleased to announce that a DVD of An American Solo is now available for purchase online at anamericansolo.com. Just go to the website homepage and scroll down to the Buy Now button.

And keep an eye out for an article about An American Solo soon to appear in Coastal Home Magazine.