Sat 10:00
Location: Tyler Historic Aviation Memorial Museum
Tyler hamm
51st Flight will sponsor this heritage event - a visit to the nearby Tyler Historic Aviation Memorial Museum. This optional meeting is in a addition to the normal monthly meeting an...
Fri 11:00
Location: Barksdale Club
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Meeting over lunch at the Barksdale Club at 1100L
Thu 17:30
Location: Barksdale Club

Regularly Scheduled Meetings

Calendar 3021ee53eb8c5518bc6baee9c6f8259d720dd4fd7e67c7202265d077038f350b Monthly Dinner Meeting
Every 3rd Thursday
1730L cocktails / 1830L dinner at Barksdale Club
Calendar 3021ee53eb8c5518bc6baee9c6f8259d720dd4fd7e67c7202265d077038f350b Monthly Officers Meeting
1st Friday of Each Month
1100L at Barksdale Club
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Welcome to Chennault Flight # 51!

Welcome to the home of Flight #51, named after legendary aviator Claire Chennault. Our flight is located at Barksdale AFB, home of Air Force Global Strike Command, 8th Air Force, and the world’s largest bomb wing!

If you have questions about attending an event or joining the Chennault Flight, please call Major Kyle Reichert at (318)456-0726 or at (720)767-2134 or email him at kyle.reichert@gmail.com for more information.

Flag red 5804818c614ec1e9cdf256e6aab3602b63b57d7a03609f71c56f709b48003014 Announcement from Flight 51
Posted by: Kyle Reichert
We honor and welcome Mrs. Nell Chennault Calloway as our first "Friend of the Flight." She was our guest speaker at our dinner on 15 March 2018. She is the CEO of the Chennault Museum, located on...