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Welcome to George Davis Flight # 52!

The Caprock is a region in the Panhandle of Texas. It is the land to the west of the Caprock Escarpment which separates it from plains stretching to the east at a much lower elevation. Flight 52, located in Lubbock, Texas, has long gone by the name of the Caprock Flight. Recently, however we voted to rename our flight in honor of Caprock native LtCol George A. Davis. Davis was an ace in WWII (7 kills), a double ace in Korea (at least14), was commander of the 334th Fighter Interceptor Squadron when he was shot down by enemy fire. Having previously been awarded the Distinguished Service Cross among many other awards and decorations (3 Silver Stars, 4 DFC’s. 9 Air Medals among them), he was posthumously promoted to LtCol, and awarded the Medal of Honor. Although his remains were never recovered, he has a cenotaph (empty tomb) in the Lubbock Cemetery. We members of Flight 52 are proud to honor this true American flying hero, and to rename our flight after him.