Legacy Flight Academy - 85th Anniversary
Moton Field
Tuskegee, AL
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Please celebrate our 85th anniversary by giving the gift of flight to children on Saturday, 30 March at Moton Field, Tuskegee, AL. Founders Flight will provide volunteers to work with Legacy Flight Academy to support an "Eyes Above the Horizon" event to provide a flight and STEM opportunity to the children in the local Alabama region. For more information on the Legacy Flight Academy, check out their website at Here the LFA and community partners will focus on 100 school kids age 10-18. The kids will have a chance to tour the Tuskegee Heritage site, see STEM demonstrations from Civil Air Patrol, take to young men and women in uniform who they can identify, see VR sim capabilities, and then fly in a 50-minute small aircraft flight (25 minutes in front and then back).


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