Next Daedalian meeting on Tuesday 12 Augus...
Scott Club
Scott AFB, IL
Next Daedalian meeting on Tuesday 12 August from 11 AM - 1 PM at the Scott AFB Club
Speaker: One of our local WWI Ed Olszewski
Good afternoon Fellow Daedalians, Please mark your calendars...our next Daedalian meeting will be held Tuesday, 12 August at the Scott Club. We will be in the Props Lounge again (Rear, left side of club). Plan on going through the lunch line and the meeting will start at approximately 1130. One of our local WWII Heroes, Navy LCDR Retired Ed Olszewski, has graciously volunteered to be our Guest Speaker. Ed is 92 years old and a Naval Aviator of some note, as he was one of a handful of pilots to get kills in both the Atlantic and Pacific during WWII. Ed was in VOF-1 on the USS Tulagi during the invasion of Southern France in the fall of 44. He ended up bagging two German Ju-52 “Junkers” in his F6F “Hellcat” (pictured below). Later, he transferred to the Pacific with VOC-1 (same squadron, now composite) and bagged a Japanese Nakajima B5N “Kate”. He's got plenty of good stuff to say and is sharp as a tack. I’m very excited to have him as our guest. As always, past, present and future pilots are welcome to attend, whether you’re a Daedalian or not. Below is a famous photo of Ed and another pilot beside his Grumman F6F “Hellcat”. Hope to see you there. V/V, Woody Volabamus, Volamus...We flew, We fly John "Woody" Almind, Colonel, USAF Retired Flight Captain, 26th Flight Order of Daedalians Scott AFB, IL 62221 Comm 618-229-7662 / Cell 618-444-3934


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