How to join the Daedalians

Eligibility Criteria

U.S. Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine or Navy pilots of heavier-than-air, powered aircraft, active, retired, Reserve or Guard who hold or held a commission, warrant or flight officer status, or WASP are eligible for membership in the Order. Membership is not restricted with respect to age, sex, race, etc.

Pilots who held commissions, warrants or flight officer status but no are longer affiliated with the military must have been honorably discharged. All pilot ratings must have been received as a result of having successfully completed a U.S. military pilot training program.

Application Form

You may download the current application with the link below. Complete it and email it to

The National Order of Daedalians official web site membership page may contain additional information regarding joining the Order including options for Life membership. Interested applicants must be members in good standing with the National Order before they can join a local flight.

Friends of the Flight

Local Daedalian Flights have the option to confer adjunct status on individuals that the Flight would like to have affiliate with the Flight but who do not otherwise meet Daedalian membership criteria. Please contact a local flight if you are interested in seeking status as a Friend of the Flight.